About Us

Artwork: Giap
Welcome to Wargames Factory!

Wargames Factory is a new company. We specialize in highly detailed, multi-part models in hard plastic. We’ll be releasing historical, science fiction and fantasy figures in a variety of scales.

Our philosophy is different to most companies. We believe that the best way to be responsive to customer’s interests is to ask our buyers what they’d like to see made, and follow those requests. Wargames Factory is out to change the way you think about miniatures by putting YOU in charge with
our Liberty and Union League program.

Wargames Factory makes models in hard plastic in multi-part kits to allow collectors a vast choice in assembling and converting their models. The figures are designed to combine quick and easy construction with many choices as to pose and equipment.

Our future release schedule is being finalized now, but we believe you will be absolutely thrilled with not only the models we are planning -- but the sheer number of monthly releases!