3D Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons Preview


Our Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons box set is getting closer to release! Below is a 3D preview of the re-designed Heavy Energy Cannon as many fans and customers requested!
You can click and drag your mouse on the 3D image below to view from multiple angles. (Please allow a few moments for download of the preview to complete.)

In addition to re-designing the Heavy Energy Cannon we've:

  • Replaced the squatting position for "sitting" legs that will work with all torsos.
  • Re-proportioned the bodies to better match our existing Shock Troopers.
  • Included classic Shock Trooper torsos, heads and arms. (We're also keeping many of the new torsos and heads for those who liked them.)
  • The front tripod leg has been removed and replaced with one that matches the other legs.
  • Removed the "hand" insignia from helmets.
  • and many more tweaks based on your feedback!

We hope you enjoy the preview!