All About the Zulu War

11-Sep-2009 We wanted to highlight some amazing work that's been done by two talented people - Mick Farnworth and Steve Dake.

First off, Michael "Mick" Farnworth has created two painting guides to illustrate the steps to paint up your Zulu War British and Zulus quickly and professionally. These two guides are invaluable for those starting out in the period, or the veteran gamer who just wants to see how another "professional" gets it done!

Download these amazing painting guides here:

Farnworth Zulu Painting Guide Farnworth Zulu Painting Guide (898 KB)

Farnworth Zulu War British Farnworth Zulu War British (587 KB)

To compliment these amazing guides, we are also posting pictures of an incredible diorama that really illustrates the drama of the Zulu War. This is a bit of action on the mealie bag wall at Rorke's Drift. Take a look!

Also, don't forget to check out Mick's excellent guide to the Zulu Army here - Zulu Army Guide.

Build your armies here:

  British Firing Line - 20 figures - $14.95

  Zulu Warriors - 30 figures - $19.95

Zulu Usuthu! Army Deal - 360 figures - $199

All painting by Steve Dake with photography by Don Nelson