Assembled Shock Troop Heavy Weapons and sprues!

31-Aug-2011 There has been a lot excitement and interest regarding our soon to be released Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons set. The Heavy Weapons sets are now on their way from manufacturing to our distribution center.

We are pleased to present the first pictures of assembled Shock Troop Heavy Weapons! (Please note that these are tests runs, the quality of the plastic in the production runs is significantly better than what you will see here.)

Pictures of the sprues! (Bases will be included in this kit on a separate sprue not shown here.)


We've received several comments regarding the proportions of the Shock Troops Officer. We've provided this picture to reassure everyone that the Officer was sculpted to match and be compatible with the body proportions of the existing Shock Troop Infantry.

Some of the confusion on proportions is that we did slightly enlarge the sitting legs of the Heavy Weapons crewman. We enlarged the sitting legs due to the original proportioned legs looking so small on a sitting Shock Trooper. Some may recall the legs looking small in our initial shock trooper 3D preview. (

Shock Troopers truly do below to our Alien Suns Range due to their Alien proportions!