Painted Plastic Romans!

Our first posted pictures of PAINTED plastic Romans...the paintjob on these is just incredible as you will see...

Romans by Playmobil


Painted by Chris Buckley

Wargames Factory 28mm (to the eyes) late Republic Romans (Caesar's Legions). Here is a sampling of some of the figures possible from our first box. Represented are a Centurion (with glaudius), a Cornicen, and legionaries throwing their pilum, stabbing, and standing at the ready. Signifer (standard bearer) and Optio not shown

This group of 8 figures represents half of a Field of Glory™ Late Republican Roman Legionary Battle Group. There are enough figures to field 3 full Battle Groups in our Caesar's Legion box set -- 48 figures in total ($30/£18)!

The figures were kindly painted by Chris Buckley. Please note the shield transfers are NOT the highly-detailed decals designed by Stephen Hales of Little Big Men Studios which will be in the box! We took the first samples yesterday and they look fantastic!

Thanks again to everyone!


The Wargames Factory Team