"War & Conquest" from Rob Broom (Scarab Miniatures)


The Wargames Factory team is pleased to announce our sales collaboration with Rob Broom (Scarab Minatures) and his excellent rule book, War & Conquest!

This book has been getting fantastic reviews for the quality of its production and the ease of gameplay. Players are discovering it offers a new set of exciting challenges for ancient and medieval wargaming. With over 400 variations for setting up for battle, every game is different.

War & Conquest is a perfect match for Wargames Factory figures, with many possible army combinations available from our existing line. We are especially pleased with the great game play it provides for our Rising Sun line; please check out the provided suggested Samurai army list. Stay tuned for upcoming army lists, as well as UK and US tournaments using War & Conquest rules in conjunction with Wargames Factory Figures.

Order "War & Conquest" from Wargames Factory by clicking here!

Download the Wargames Factory Rising Sun army lists by clicking here!

Written by Rob Broom. Design and layout by Pete Borlace. Both worked at Games Workshop where Rob was Warhammer Historical Manager. Joint projects included Warhammer Ancient Battles and the 'Legends' series.

Find out more about the game online and download 500 free army lists, design notes and battle reports from the www.scarabminiatures.com and www.warandconquest.co.uk